Indonesian natural green


Environmental functions is a series intended to maintain the carrying capacity and environmental carrying capacity, in order to realize sustainable development. Such efforts can be achieved through the protection, preservation and enhancement of the sustainable use of natural resources owned.

Natural cover resources of land, water, air, plants and animals forming an element quality and environmental functions for section the survival and welfare of the community. To that end, the Policy direction utilization of natural resources are the three pillars of development are pressing to economic, social, and environmental.

Based on 2005 data, indicates there has been a destruction of forest resources and land area of 43 million hectares. Damage to forest resources and the land, increasing the damage rate of 1.6 million to 2 million hectares per year. For mangrove forests with a total area of about 9.2 million ha, the damage level reached 57.6%, or an area of 5.3 million ha which are mostly found outside the forest area, which is about 69.8 (3.7 million ha) and the remaining 30.2 percent (1.6 million ha) is located within the forest.

Damage to forest resources and the land, has led to fragmentation of habitats and the decline in the population of various species of plants and animals. Besides that, it also has led to environmental degradation watershed indicated with the increasing number of critical watershed. In 1984 there were 22 critical watersheds, 1992 increased to 39 critical watersheds, and in 2005 has become a critical watershed 62. In terms of damage to the watershed has caused catastrophic flooding in the rainy season and drought in the dry season. In addition, water pollution occurs causing increasing water availability is limited. In 2004, the status of water quality in 33 rivers in 30 provinces It indicates the condition been polluted from the upstream to the downstream section of the river which resulted in management burden will become greater.

While this policy has been established by various sectors in the management of natural resources has not been able to overcome the existing problems such as damage to forest resources and land, floods and landslides, the threat of extinction of various plant and animal species, coastal erosion, drought and the threat of global environmental problems such as climate change.


One effort to encourage overcome those problems do supervision directed at the performance of local governments in the implementation of regulations in the field of conservation and environmental damage control. TO INDONESIA GREEN program which is one of the Ministry of the Environment Program is expected to increase for the district government in restoring environmental quality carried out by opening up opportunities and wider community the opportunity to actively participate in the preservation of natural resources and control environmental damage. Besides that, also through the development of innovation in creating alternative livelihoods increase to encourage local communities. (MIH General Guidelines; 2005)


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