Mapala, What it Mapala Mapala is (a Lature Lover Students)

what it Mapala…..?

Mapala is (a student nature lovers)

a word that may never strangers ringing our ears as a student with a variety of slippage that we often hear, Mapala “longest student”, or ngetrend now mama papa prohibited. Ya..sebuah simple words but for co – nature lovers and activists in the wild, Mapala is an organization that is ruled by nature lovers in the campus level.
Mapala movement began with the founding milestone originated from Indonesia with a university background of saturation of the students in the year 60s with Indonesian political conditions that began to rise after the independence.

Proclaimers founding of this movement “Soe Hoek Gie” an intelligent and critical student who started doing this by curiosity climbing various peaks mainly peak Gede -Pangrango become one of the peaks of his favorite poems he described through a golden sun in the square, but unfortunately Gie vocation should die young in peak Mahameru where he is expected dipuncak poisoning the immortal gods.


The purpose of this organization includes three things:

First, to cultivate a healthy patriotism among its members. This can be achieved by living in nature and common people.
Indeed determination underlying the establishment of this organization is a belief that a healthy patriotism may not arise from slogans – slogans, indoctrination – indoctrination, or poster – poster.
Patriotism sound just might be fostered on the active participation of a person through life in the middle – the middle of nature and the Indonesian people in general. It is impossible, that patriotism can arise through the window – the window bus or luxury car.

Second, educate members, both mental and physical. For a good cadre cadres are healthy physically and spiritually. Here also emphasized educational aspects of homeland actively close.

Third, to achieve the spirit of mutual cooperation and social awareness. Until now, the goal – this goal has not been achieved to the maximum, but the bright spot was seen.

Tim SAR dibantu warga mengevakuasi jasad korban tertimbun tanah longsor bernama Taroni (55) di Desa Pasuruhan, Watumalang, Wonosobo,  Jateng, Jumat (12/12).

Any activity MAPALA
1. Activities MAPALA covers several Division:
2. Susur caves (caving)
3. White-water rafting (rafting)
4. Expeditionary forest or mountain
5. Natural Disaster Management such as plane crashes, drowning in river, 6 people.
lost in forest (as is done TIM SAR)
6. Susur beach
7. hang gliding (kite).
8. Diving ocean
9. Greening
10.and others.

The hustle – bustle Mapala

Mapala SMEs that stand up in a college, and has a discharge, or where the basecamp MAPALA members.
As for the view that sees student Mapala member was dressed in tatters or too selengekaan.
but that’s just a part of the smallest, and it all depends on the man himself.
But the appearance of someone Mapala they have a noble soul, of helping the greening of the earth, and keeping animals – animals which are extinct today.
in this case a person is a student had many roles on the campus of her, in addition to studying, hobbies, coordinates the organization remain victorious on-campus and off-campus, because it was there who think members MAPALA there who have graduated not in time, but it depends the man has his own vision of what is applied in this case, whether ” because SMEs, tuition is broken” or “because lectures, SME broken”. It all depends on ourselves each – each.
On the other hand Mapala activity is exposed on TV shows such as marine expeditions, adventure trail, Bolang, etc.
because Indonesia has many natural resources that are stored and must be preserved until the Lord takes everything.


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