Nature has the ability to give life to the world population. Ability (potential) that exist in nature to meet human needs of nature or natural resources of the earth with all its contents contained therein named after the natural world. When we look at the natural world can be grouped into five sections which include:
a) The atmosphere, the layer of air that surrounds the Earth.
b) hydrosphere, the water layer in the earth in the form of oceans, lakes, rivers, swamps, ground water, ice, and water in the atmosphere.
c) The lithosphere, a layer of rock that make up the earth’s crust, including in the ground.
d) Biosphere, life on Earth is made of plants and animals.
e) anthroposphere, the man (the earth’s population).

All of that is a source of life for human beings all have the potential intertwined in life support a growing world population, the world’s natural potential available numbers very many and diverse. Mineral, energy, plants animals, air, climate, water, a landscape of plains, mountains, deserts and even also has the potential to support life as long as the human population of the world is able to use it well.

Not all parts of the globe have the potential of natural resources are the same. more and more natural resources in an area then the more that can be utilized by humans. Existing natural resources are renewable and non-renewable.
Earth does have great natural potential and a lot, but it can not be separated from the problems that threaten the continuation and sustainability of this natural potential. The problems vary from small to large, from which can be overcome until unresolved.
It is undeniable that all the problems were actually caused from the man himself. Many humans are not responsible for utilizing the natural resources on a large scale without considering the impact and consequently the end, of course destructive potential and natural ecosystems.
There is potential for the natural world that can be used by humans without fear of natural potential will be exhausted of which are water, air and solar energy. Water could renew themselves through the water cycle. And other natural potential that can be renewed but still must be more careful in their use. Namely, forests, animals, plants, soil, air, water and sun.
Utilization of natural resources are not balanced has generated a lot of problems for the world’s population. Forest – forests have been much denuded due to deforestation continuously cultivated without soil fertility restoration efforts through fertilization. Mineral resources have dried with mineral because it was too much for industrial use without the limits of the prohibition decision.
But of course once there is a problem the mentioned many efforts are being made to preserve the world’s natural potential, namely:
a) Increase the use of energy sources that will not-will be endless as a substitute for petroleum or coal, such as the use of solar energy, wind, geothermal, hydro, tides, and so forth.
b) To recycle , so that the extraction of natural resources can be reduced, for example, the recycling of the used goods, such as iron, aluminum, paper, plastic, and others.
c) preservation of natural resources such as timber. Before use should be obliged to preserved beforehand so that the durability of the use of wood for building materials can be used sparingly because the wood has been used can be used in a longer period of time.

1) Wastewater treatment and control of waste disposal
Each plant must treat wastewater before it is discharged as waste plant usually contain chemicals.
Habits community dispose of waste water canals, rivers, or sewers is a habit that must be changed. It needs to be prevented as early as possible to prevent water pollution.

2) Program times the net
Program times the net has the main goal to lower or reduce the pollution load of the river waters, especially industrial waste that contains toxic chemicals.

3) Management of the Watershed (DAS)
Watershed management emphasizes the conservation of dryland agriculture, improve household incomes through improved dry land, the increase beyond the agricultural sector, the protection of non-cultivated areas, irrigation development and flood hazard control.

4) Management of oceans and coastal areas.
An attempt to manage the oceans and coastal areas should consider the following wisdom.
1. Management and maintenance of the marine environment as well as the arrangements between sectors need to be developed in coordination.

2. Natural resources that can be updated should be used with caution by taking the interests of future generations. Natural resources that can not be updated should be used rationally.

3. protected areas, buffer zones and the source region cultivation of natural resources must be maintained and controlled existence.

5) Development of biodiversity
Development of biodiversity includes conservation efforts of rare flora and fauna.

6) Reclamation and rehabilitation of degraded land
Land reclamation is usually done on former mining land. Rehabilitation include work on reforestation, creation of swales and control of shifting cultivation.

In addition to natural resources, other natural potentials are humans each year, the number of births and deaths are always different. The higher the birth rate it will be more and more population but, if the offset between the numbers of births and deaths it can be used as one factor of development. Population explosion that is not offset given rise to problems such as:
1) Rising unemployment.
2) The slow growth of the economy.
3) Decreased quality of the population.
4) The increasing need for health facilities, schools, housing, and others.
5) Increased environmental crisis.
6) The narrowing of the agricultural area and the average income is relatively low population.
7) Increased crime.

But at the moment have a lot of work done to secure the population explosion that is:
a) Pressing the birthrate to family planning.
b) Expanding industrialization.
c) Improving livestock production, agriculture, and others.

That effort – effort that has been and should be done by humans to preserve the world’s natural potential.

We as students with a love of nature and the natural potential of the world of course we want to participate in conserving the natural world.
Many efforts have been launched to preserve the world’s natural potential, although not carried out. So, our advice include:
a) The cooperation between the government and the community element.
b) Supervise the funds disbursed for the preservation of the world’s natural potential.
c) the preservation of the natural potential of the world in a consistent and purposeful.
d) Choose people who are honest, professional and experienced in performing the duties of nature conservation.
e) Every effort should be launched soon realized visible results so quickly.
f) The potential of the world’s natural resources being exploited should be felt by all of society equally.


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