Save Green

Let us preserve to make the earth maintained its ecosystem, towards a better world, reducing global warming is increasing, and makes the motivation to always love the earth and its contents.


1. I created you, O people, take care and keep you alive
2. My task is to glorify God and my life just for you, O people
3. If you treat me this day means you set up your life 20 years
4. A sheet leaves a glimmer of life by means
5. You and I can not be separated because we need each other
6. If I do not watered I would wither and die, it means the beginning of your suffering
7. If I do not I can still hope to be watered from the rain, but if I die you can not expect from anyone.
8. You need oxygen to live and I am the producer
9. You remove toxic mine cleaning
10. If a limb by picking you definitely broken but you have lost most of your life
11. I live flowering fruit for you but not for me
12. A drop of water may not matter to you but it is very meaningful to me
13. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but we borrow it from our children and grandchildren
14. Love what you possess and possession of what you love
15. If you are not preoccupied with ha great things are sure you will be busy with the little things. Green Indonesian Forum
16. Trees in the forest sunlight scramble definitely stronger than tree fern cover behind another tree
17. Trees always pray for the safety of human hand lightly to treat



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