Indonesia is a country that is very beautiful, natural beauty stretches from Sabang to Merauke, diverse cultures together under one flag. one of the ideals I was able to crawl the entire parcel of land of this country, 🙂 and learn from nature and culture of our country is very diverse following .. I tried to make a list of 10 most beautiful natural sights in Indonesia.


Lorentz National Park in the set as one of the world natural heritage site by UNESCO in 1999, is one of three regions in the world that has snow in the tropics. Lorentz National Park is representative of the most complete ecosystem for biodiversity in South-East Asia and the Pacific region. This area covers the mountains, beaches, lakes, jungles, etc .. here too there is one of the seven highest peaks on seven continents (Seven Summits) is Cartenz
pyramid or by the local communities called Ndugu Ndugu (4884 masl). of the many indigenous tribes who live in this region, the most famous tribe is Asmat.
Lorentz National Park has so many interesting places to visit, but access to the area for this very difficult .. besides topography and rugged terrain, this region is still uncharted secarah thorough .. there are still many places that are untouched by humans , [10 Most Beautiful Places in Indonesia]



Raja Ampat is an area with tropical natural resources of the richest in the world, Raja Ampat is an archipelago, there were 610 islands included in this region and around the 35 islands are inhabited. many say that Raja Ampat is where the world’s best marine .. besides presenting outstanding natural scenery, access to the Raja Ampat fairly easy enough. in Raja Ampat there are many beach resorts serving incredible exotic scenery .. some of which are managed by foreigners


Raja Ampat is also famous for diving tours, stunning underwater scenery can be enjoyed with diving. we can also sail speedboat and enjoy the natural beauty of the islands of Raja Ampat.



Lombok included in West Nusa Tenggara province, this small island presents so many stunning natural beauty .. diverse natural beauty we can find, from the exotic beach Senggigi, Gili Trawangan travel underwater, travel Waterfalls, until the lake at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level ( Segara Anak Gunung Rinjani National Park), at the foot of Mount Rinjani also contained an inland settlement Sasak tribe who still live by the way – the traditional way. Lombok beauty is famous in the world, almost rival the popularity of Bali as a tourist icon Indonesia



Who does not know Bali? the island is even more famous than Indonesia itself .. when the soccer star Christiano Ronaldo visited Indonesia in the framework of a social visit after the tsunami disaster a few years ago he told me that at first he thought that Indonesia is a country near the island ..
Bali island is famous for its natural beauty. the island is called the island of the Gods, where bersemayamnya the gods. although so many tourist attractions in Bali but the most famous is the start of the tourist beaches .. sunset beach of Kuta, Sanur beach Sunrise, Dreamland beach beauty, etc.




Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is a sight to visit, especially for tourists who love the outdoors. This region presents a variety of stunning natural beauty .. call Coban Pelangi (waterfall with flashes of rainbow that is always visible in daylight), Sand Sea Mount Bromo, Sunrise Penanjakan, Coban Trident, etc .. but the most beautiful is Mount Semeru, Semeru presents a panorama of outstanding natural .. from Ranu Kumbolo (lake at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level), savanna oro-oro ombo, pine forests, valleys filled KALIMATI edelweiss flower, and of course its peak so famous – Mahameru. Semeru is the highest mountain in the island of Java (3,676 masl).


ranukumbolo semeru





Lake three colors, that’s one of the beauties presented National Park Flores .. There are three lakes kelimutu adjacent to each other, each – each is light blue, red and dark green. the beauty of the lake Flores so attract tourists both domestic and foreign. The lake color can vary from dark green to black, from blue to brown, from light green to white, etc .. depending on the mood of the mountain Kelimutu .. hehehe .. three lakes in Kelimutu are believed by local people as a place bersemayamnya spirits of people who have died. the name of each lake is Tiwu Ata Mbupu which means Lake of Life The Old Man Who Died, the second lake called Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai or Lake Jiwa Muda-Mudi Who Have Died, and lakes of the last named Tiwu Ata Polo or lake for the Soul humans are always doing evil.




Ujung Kulon National Park is synonymous with Java rhino, it is in this region Javan rhino habitat to live and breed, TN Ujung Kulon has three types of ecosystems are marine, coastal and terrestrial ecosystems. here we can see a variety of stunning natural beauty .. beaches in Ujung Kulon provide stunning beauty, but it also has other attractions such as hot springs, waterfalls, etc. we can also enjoy exotic underwater scenery, or renting a boat sail with speedboat and visit the islands in the Ujung Kulon National Park.



way kambas park

Way Kambas National Park is located in Lampung Province, an area inhabited by various animal species protected like the Sumatran elephant, Sumatran tiger, Sumatran rhinoceros, Asian Wild Dog, Tapir, etc .. This area is known as his African safari tour Indonesia, we will enter a vast area of savanna and watch the wild animals living in the wild directly.




As Raja Ampat, Derawan including one of the best marine in the World, to eksotisan Derawan already so well known in foreign countries .. Derawan included in Derawan Islands region in the province of East Kalimantan. here we can enjoy the beauty of the beach, and doing all sorts of activities such as diving, snorkeling, or just enjoy the natural scenery while fishing.




Bunaken National Park or better known as Bunaken marine park is located in the Village Bunaken, District Bunaken, Manado. Bunaken Marine Park is one of the Most Beautiful in the World, and various species of fish and coral reefs in the Park, making it a marine park that is so beautiful .. in Bunaken we can dive, snorkel, or sail a boat equipped with wear glass on the floor so that we can enjoy the underwater scenery from the boat.
Similarly, the list of 10 Most Beautiful Places in Indonesia .. besides the places above, in this country there are so many beautiful places such as the Komodo Island, Lake Toba, Sabang, Kawah Ijen, Gede-Pangrango National Park, TN Baluran Reserves nature Kids Krakatao, etc .. Indonesia so much natural beauty to be proud. friends may have a different opinion about the list of the 10 Most Beautiful Places in Indonesia? if so I guess it was only natural .. because it is the natural beauty of our country so much, stretching from Sabang to Merauke.
Recognize Indonesia, Indonesia Love 🙂



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